Friday, August 3, 2012

Handcuffed Man Shot, Killed Himself In Cop Car?

This story is shocking and I don't have the words to describe the injustice that I feel is being perpertrated on this poor family. Based on the little evidence we do know about what happened that day, it seems that something does not quite add up with the polices recolection of the incident. I do not see how a man handcuffed behind his back, manages to shoot himself near the front of his head. Not only does that defy physic, it defies common sense. Not all the facts are evident yet, but so far it seems like this police department has not even bothered to make up a credible story in defense of their actions. The spokesperson was so nonchalant about how his  police department routinely miss contraband during pat-downs. To begin, that is nothing to be proud of and as a police department, I would hope those in charge would realize that it is not an excuse but a liability.   If does turn out that the officer did miss a firearm during a so called routine pat down, and it turns out that the police were correct in their recollection of that day's event they are still somewhat culpable due to their failure to do an insential and now in hindsight life saving aspect of their duties as Police Officers!

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