Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Liz Trotta: Black Anchors Covering Trayvon Martin ‘Can Only Hurt Their Credibility’ With Personal Stories

Many conservatives are upset– and some rightfully so– with the way some liberals in the media have approached the Trayvon Martincase. Liz Trotta added her voice to the outrage on the expected fronts– Al Sharpton covering the story, the tendency to want to “fry the guy” before an arrest– but added that she also opposed seeing black anchors and reporters share experiences of being profiled or discriminated against, because it “can only hurt their credibility. 
“It was really ugly to watch because of the bias and virtual conviction,” Trotta told anchor Gregg Jarrett of the coverage. She crowned MSNBC “the worst offender,” but objected also to NBC News using “my favorite anchorman of all time” Lester Holt to cover the story with Tamron Hall, where they “had to agree to telling their experiences as a black person, how the cops would follow them, how security and police would follow them.” “Why do you involve your black reporters and anchors in this kind of framework that can only hurt their credibility?” she asked of NBC executives. It isn’t exactly a demand for less diversity in the media, but more of a desire to neuter the potential of that diversity before it is ever tapped, because, one assumes from her argument, white anchors never share personal experiences on television over any case, ever. She seems to legitimately not see any value in hearing prominent people of color describe experiences only people of color can have. She added a scoff at Al Sharpton– there’s always Al Sharpton, with his ‘unique perspective.’”

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