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Why Everybody Hates The Media

Why everyone hates the media - Media Criticism -

Media Criticism

Friday, Dec 23, 2011 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Why everyone hates the media

Mistrust of the press is at near-historic highs. A new book argues that has dangerous public-policy consequences

Jonathan Ladd
Jonathan Ladd
The cover of Jonathan M. Ladd’s new book shows a pair of newspaper vending boxes that have been vandalized. “Lies,” reads the graffiti scrawled across the machines.
Lots of people seem to agree with the sentiment expressed by this anonymous street-level press critic — even if most of us are more apt to express this by screaming at the TV. In his meticulous and informative “Why Americans Hate the Media and How It Matters,” Ladd cites a 1956 study that “found that 66 percent of Americans thought newspapers were fair.” Within 50 years, things would change dramatically. By 2004, he writes, “only 10 percent of Americans had ‘a great deal’ of confidence in the ‘national news media,’” according to one poll.
Speaking from Washington, where he teaches at Georgetown, Ladd discussed some of the factors that caused such a remarkable about-face — a

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