Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Blacks don't like Herman?

Blacks don't like Herman Cain simply because he is a pawn. A pawn for the GOP as well as a pawn for the racist under-toned rhetoric of the tea party and their fight to, "take their country back." Like Sarah Palin after Hillary Clinton became a legitimate presidential candidate in the 2008 elections, Herman Cain is used by GOP strategists as a counterweight to Barack Obama the winner of those elections. Broadly speaking Herman Cain's policy idea's are on par and to some degree even more radical than the ultra-right and very radical GOP candidates vying for their parties nomination. Black people cannot like a candidate like Herman Cain regardless of political affiliation or skin color because his political ideas, economic plans and personal ideologies are all detrimental to the long term sustained well-being for black people as a whole.  I would like to argue that rather than Mr. Cain being a sign of black progress he is fact the reverse! Mr. Cain does not seem to be aware that today the income disparity between blacks and whites has never been larger. He also fails to contemplate how the incarceration of non-violent blacks has destroyed generations of black families and left unfettered will destroy generations more. Yes, Mr. Cain achieved the "American Dream" but neglects to realize or acknowledge he is the rarest of exceptions within the black community and instead campaigns for Reagan like policies that will only worsen the already gigantic economic and political gap between blacks and other minorities with their caucasian counterparts.

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