Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011 - Independence Day & Why We Still Have Work To Do.

The New War of Independence - Against Corporate Politics | Truthout

Today should be a reminder that Independence is still being fought for throughout the globe and even still in the United States. Today, many of us are still not free. Though I'd  like to add that today is also a day to remember how far we have come. The world as a whole has become more free. Communication via the internet and faster travel has allowed humanity to interact with each other almost instantly; and with that comes a blending of new ideas and cultures. Thus this brings about the breaking down of the status quo as the accepted norm. We see examples today in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Oppressed people who are now beginning to taste true independence despite years of oppressive regimes. These people are by no means totally free but they now know that the now overused term of freedom can now be truly their  own ideals and not just a word used to disguise injustice, oppression by theocratic regimes under the  guise of freedom to justify these injustices. In the United States I believe many of us are better off though they are still many who continue to be marginalized. But as we celebrate today on July 4th Independence day, today as we remember the date July 4, 1776; 235 years ago when our founding fathers declared independence we must also remember that declaring independence by no means meant we had achieved any. That deceleration was simply that a declaration that we would work tirelessly and continue to work no matter how long. On that July 4th date over 200 years it would take another 7 years before the British would leave on September 3, 1783. It would not be until May 17, 1954 that the supreme court under Brown vs. The Board of Education that in effect ruled that public segregation was unconstitutional. Additionally it was not till August 26th 1920 that the 19th amendment was ratified by the state's giving women constitutionally protected rights to have their voices heard through having their votes being counted. In conclusion large groups of people have fought to have their voices heard after the U.S. declared independence in 1776. More than 2 centuries later there are still large group of Americans and even larger groups worldwide still fighting for the same voice the same freedom we in the United States rightly cherish, celebrate and hopefully continue to fight for in defense of and for the multitude who continue to be denied it.
Happy 4th America!!!


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