Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The United States Is Not A Democracy!!!


Yes! That's right we are not a democracy!

Actually we are a federal republic. We do however have a country that is founded on democratic principles, however that does not make us a democracy. Our founding fathers believe it or not were not huge fans of democracy. I'm sure at this point many of you are calling me a liar and shaking your heads. Well, believe it! Instead of creating a country that was governed by democracy the founding fathers favored a federal republic instead. They saw democracy as having a major flaw and that was mob rule. This means that the voices of the minority would be drowned out and not heard. I bring this up because we seem to forget that; and in watching today's political discourse seem to believe that we are in fact actually a democratic nation. I say this to tell you this, the next time someone argues that we are a democracy and that since most people agree with him/her that's all that matters, point out that in reality we are not. Our country is a Federal Republic and that means though your voice might be in the minority it does not make it any less important. Remember in the United States, Every Voice Deserves To Be Heard!!!!

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