Wednesday, February 23, 2011

QUIZ *******Prize = IPHONE Tour Guide for the City of Baltimore************

So today's blog will include a quiz. I know what you're thinking, "I hate quizzes". Well, calm down this is a fun one, the winners of this quiz wins a free iphone app from, so have fun and good luck!

1. Maryland is one of the seventh states which has a state:
A. Dinosaur
B. Feline
C. Insect

2. From the coat of arms of the House of Baltimore, the family motto translates as:
A. A woman on time, is one in nine
B. Deeds are masculine, words - feminine
C. Words divide us, actions unite us

3. Baltimore is also known as the:
A. Breeze City
B. Charm City
C. Women's City

4. The city of Baltimore belongs to which county?
A. Baltimore county
B. It's an independent city
C. Washington County

5. In 1844 the first telegraph line in the world was established between Baltimore and:
A. Washington
B. New York
C. Chicago

6. Baltimore is also home to America's first factory of:
A. Stockings
B. Umbrellas
C. Shoes

7. The tallest building in Baltimore is the Legg Mansion Building, which has:
A. 40 floors
B. 60 floors
C. 80 floors

8. William Goddard inaugurated back in 1744, America's first:
A. Observatory
B. Post Office System
C. Zoo

9. "The Star Spangled Banner," America's national anthem, was written by Francis Scott Key, a Baltimore:
A. Dentist
B. Cook
C. Lawyer

10. From this row of famous people, which one of them was not born in beautiful Baltimore?
A. Edward Norton
B. David Hasselhoff
C. Will Smith

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